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At Tatango TV we would like to teach you more about social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing can be seen as an art form that business owners need to master.

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Helps you to create the best social media marketing platforms for your business, product or service.

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When you hear the words social media, facebook and twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. immediately come to mind.  A little under half of the world’s population has access to the Internet, 75% of the people with access to the Internet are active on social media and ¾ of those people have their social media and Internet accounts on their mobile devices.


Services we provide to help you find your Way around Social Media Marketing:

1. Social Consultancy:

You might just need a little guidance to find the right type of social media platform to start off your marketing campaign.  We will help you build a presence on social media, as well as, develop the best social strategy for your needs.  We will help you find the approach that will help you toward your end goals.  Finding an appropriate username and securing your profiles across social media channels will form part of this service, also called brand management.

2. The Correct Social tone of voice and the best style:

Making sure that your business or product is portrayed in the way you want it to be portrayed; we will help you find your social media tone and nature. Knowing who is talking about you and whether what they say and think is positive, is of great importance to this new strategy of yours. And this is actually what Social Media Marketing is all about; the immediate update on what type of interest your presence is making and how much interest your product or service is generating.

3. Promoting across all Social Media Channels:

Through analyzing the reports generated by your social media platforms, we can see if your message finds all the intended recipients and if that message generates the correct idea of your product or service. We will make sure that this message gives you a universal, recognisable voice, all across your Internet platform.

You will find a whole range of services that we can help you with on our website, www.http://tatango.tv or send an e-mail to support@tatango.tv for more information.

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