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By: Tatango TV

A Few Tips on Being Successful in the Social Media Marketing Industry

Being successful in the Social Media Marketing arena you need to stay on top of the best ways in which to engage the most people.  You need to improve your content with the best tools and tips available in the social media marketing industry.

A Few Tips on Staying in the Top Ranks of the Social Media Marketing Industry:

Create an Update Library; that will remind you when it is time to do your next blog post, photo upload or information tag.  It is sometimes difficult to come up with new ideas to post on social media.  A helpful piece of advice is that you come up with a list, (containing the same type of content), of media posts, when you create content to post.  You can do a podcast, article or video that can be used in promoting the original piece of content.  Keep your list of posts on a spreadsheet and create dates for future posts on which you will receive a reminder.

Publish on LinkedIn:  You can publish your new and previously published posts, on LinkedIn.  With this publishing platform, your original content will become a part of your profile on LinkedIn.  It will be shared with your network but has the promise to reach a much larger group of professionals assembled on LinkedIn.  You can increase your status, being an expert, and grow your network by getting a bigger audience.

Use Facebook as a Resource Platform:  Create posts that will educate and inspire your customers.  Make the content entertaining and informative.  You can build a Facebook page that delight your customers and encourage them to share your page with the very wide facebook audience.

Use your time effectively.  Spend more time on the things that work best for your business.  If you spend too much time on the platforms that do not generate a lot of results, (because of thinking that spending more time on the less productive will increase their performance), and you leave the ones that have better results, you might lose altogether.

Change your method and daily schedule to boost the platforms that bring the customers and sales.

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