About Tatango TV

At Tatango TV we would like to teach you more about social media marketing.  You might ask what social media marketing is and what you could do with it.  It actually just means that you are using websites and social media platforms to make people aware of your service or product.

Digital marketing and e-marketing are still dominantly used, but social media marketing is gaining more and more popularity.  For companies and business people, Social media platforms make it easier to track the engagement drawn to their ad campaigns, and also the success and progress of their ad campaigns.  These platforms have built-in tools that analyze data automatically.

The term “Social Media” includes a variety of sites that each provides a different type of social action.  Look at “Twitter,” for instance, it allows people to share and update short messages with other people.  Whereas “Facebook,” in contrast, allows sharing of photos, events and a variety of activities, other than just messaging and updates.  This is a good example of a full-blown social network site, at work.

Social Media websites allow businesses, organizations, individuals, etc. to build communities online, to build relationships and to interact directly with each other.  Through this interaction, a product or service can be marketed and reach millions of possible consumers.

Social networking websites actually act like your word-of-mouth, advertising, but online.